On February 8th, 2019, Entry Program students and staff visited the Manitoba Museum. We are grateful for this opportunity to learn about the history and nature of Manitoba, and we would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to the museum staff and volunteers for organizing this memorable, educational, and fun event.

This is what the Entry Program students had to say about the visit:

Dr Vishal Zainab Laghari:   The museum trip was completely amazing  and I had a wonderful time with all of you. Entry Program team should definitely organize more of similar kinds of activities. My favourite gallery in the museum was the one comprising of wildlife creatures and the historic Winnipeg buildings. The EP team did a great job in sharing and explaining the museum galleries in great detail. It was much informative and a whole new experience.

Zhuo Gao:    This visiting experience is amazing indeed. We learn lots of the history and the culture happened in this special land: Manitoba. In the MB Museum, we  have a wonderful journey across the time span of millions years from the grand roaring and skeleton of the gigantic dinosaur to the pastoral life of the aborigines to the European explorers with a spirit of exploration…
I like the vivid statues and miniature murals depicting the animals and aborigines life. My son likes the dinosaur fossils and the carrack.
A wonderful museum gives the wonderful journey!
Thank you very much and wish the Entry Program from success to success,

Ni Xia:   I enjoyed the MB Museum, I learn the growth of Manitoba. The model is life-like and interesting . I learned the origin of some places’ name. I am interested in dinosaurs’ fossils, they are very well preserved.