• Anonymous, China

    Thanks very much to the Entry Program. When I came to Winnipeg, I felt very lonely because I hadn’t friend. I felt bad. But the Entry Program helped me, taught me more information about live in the new country, and make me happy. The teacher is very funny. I like study in here. Good luck for everyone.

  • Gurpreet, India

    It is a wonderful program, I met the first friends.

  • Jattana, India

    Entry Program is really helpful for me to start my career in Canada. I would like to appreciate the provisions made by the Canadian government for newcomers. Thanks.

  • Abebech, Ethiopia

    I appreciate really the Entry Program for giving me the chance to equip me with a lot of information. Thank you very much!

  • Abigail, Philippines

    When we came here the first thing we did was to look for the Entry Program as was told us in the seminar in the Philippines. But it was a surprise that lots of Filipinos who has living here in Canada thought that Entry Program was just for improving our English skills. I guess that thinking should be changed, because the program is very helpful for newcomers like us.

  • Josephine, Philippines

    I’m glad I’ve taken Entry Program. It gave me a lot of information that will help me.

    I appreciate how this Entry Program helps me a lot. It open wide my eyes, my knowledge about Canada. I’m thankful that I attended this Entry Program. So I must say that it is great!

    I learnt a lot through Entry Program. It’s perfect. I have learnt how to develop skills for living and working in Canada. I love Winnipeg more through the teacher’s wonderful teaching. I feel it has been perfect.

    I understand Canada better through Entry Program.

    Thanks for all your help and support. The Entry Program not only gave me substantial information about the way of life and system here in Canada but gave me a sense of belongingness. One of the best and memorable event that I experienced as a new comer was to be part of the Entry Program. More power to all of you! Keep up the excellent work! Have a nice day!