• Gaileen, India

    Thank you very much for your time and effort and sharing your talent to us. All the best and good luck!

  • Tranquilino, Philippines

    This is a wonderful and very helpful program especially for newcomers. It really helps newcomers a lot. I suggest all newcomers to undertake this program.

  • Anonymous, China

    The thing I like the most about the Entry Program is the friendly environment. The teachers are enthusiastic and helpful.

  • Gennady, Russia

    Thanks. The lessons were interesting and living. I couldn’t get asleep during all lessons.

  • Aebola, Nigeria

    I appreciate the organizers of the program for their initiatives and focus, please keep the flag flying. Thank to my teacher.

  • Luwan, Eritrea

    My thought is to keep up the interest and love was showing for the newcomers; so it is very interesting for any newcomer to Canada. Thank to all the teachers. I had fun and it was informative.

  • Anonymous, Somalia

    This is a very important and useful program for immigrants in this country, please be encouraged and continue to offer program that welcome the immigrants.

  • Raquel, Spain

    I want to thank you to all the staff who work here because they are friendly and helpful for newcomers. Thank for taking time to help others.

  • Ji Hyeon, Korea

    This program gave us lots of useful information and help and it was good to meet lots of people from different countries.

  • Kuzura, Belarus

    Thank you very much for your care about newcomers. I believe it will assist me in future. All people were friendly. It helped me understand Canadian culture better.